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The coldest DROP

Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


Did you know that Germans don’t use bath sponges? Or that Cubans love dogs so much to the extent of putting ID collars on strays? Have you ever heard of the old law where Soviets actually taxed childlessness? And, that’s not all! There are a lot of interesting facts and other fun historical tidbits, and you can find them all in our character bios, locations, and items!

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The Coldest Drop presents characters and items from different times, nations, and cultures of the Cold War period. Mixing these might seem unrealistic or out of place – but all the more fun! There are 9 characters in the collection, each with its own item set for you to match. There are 9 characters, 9 character sets, 11 additional thematic sets, and 100+traits – morphing and scrambling are included.

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Misha the Gopnik

Misha grew up in the suburbs to blue-collar parents. They were hardly home to raise their boy because they were constantly working. Therefore Misha grew up independently and rebelliously. In...

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Vietnam War

Vietnam - The country became a battleground in the Cold War when the United States and the Soviet Union grappled for world domination. Vietnam is...

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Mint The Coldest drop

Up to 20 NFTs could be minted in one transaction by a single buyer. Minted Subjects can be sold on any ERC-721-compatible marketplace. Every NFT owner has the ability to transfer it′s NFT to Polygon using the Polygon bridge. It implemented in order to save the users the gas fees on mainnet. The bridge works in both directions.

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